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This week in China Australia Trade and Business News

South Australia and Shandong Province are Sister States so it is important news that Qingdao was announced as having the highest level of economic strength and social civilization by China’s Central Civilization Office (CPC) at a conference. (Four cities in Shandong given “civilized city” honor).

With China set to quadruple its economy in the next twenty years a call has been made to revolutionise education to encourage the next generation to learn Mandarin. (Why every child under 15 should learn to speak Chinese).

Failing to attract Chinese tourists is a real concern. Discussion at the Australian Tourism Export Council conference highlighted Australia’s inability to compete with Asia (The problem with luxury hotels in Australia) and recent research has identified the need for a ‘unified China outbound tourism policy’ (Australia has lot to do to catch China’s tourism boat). With 80% of Chinese tourists travelling overseas for the first time visiting casino’s it has become imperative to raise the stakes in pursuit of Asian whales.

Discussion of the week: Stefan Halper on the ‘China Effect’ (China marks the route on new global roadmap).

Story of the week: ‘Wines from a remote and sparsely-populated region of China beating centuries-old French wine-producing region Bordeaux in a tasting contest’.