There are many books you can read to get a feel for understanding the worlds next largest economy but where to start? We have read and recommend the following resources.

Mr China by Tim Clissold

Mr China by Tim Clissold

Mr China, Tim Clissold, 2004


The Man Who Loved China, Simon Winchester, 2008

The fantastic story of the scientist who unlocked the mysteries of the Middle Kingdom

Factory girls

Factory Girls, Leslie T Chang, 2008


The Great Wall, John Mann, 2008

The Extraordinary History of China’s Wonder of the World


Rupert’s Adventures in China – How Murdoch Lost a Fortune and Found a Wife Bruce Dover, 2008


China Shakes the World, The Rise of a Hungry Nation, James Kynge, 2006


China Inc – The Relentless Rise of the Next Great Superpowers Ted C Fishman, 2005, 2006


A Chronicle of the Chinese Emporors Ann Paludan, 1998 reprinted 2005


Science an Civilization in China 24 Volumes Joseph Needham, 1954-2004


All Under Heaven – A Complete History of China Rayne Kruger, 2003


The New Chinese Empire Ross Terrill, 2003


The Genius of China – 3000 Years of Science, Discovery and Invention Robert Temple, 1998 reprinted 2002


Australia-China Relations post 1949: Sixty Years of Trade and Politics By Wang Yi