The Australia China Development Company’s General Manager Mr Conan Fahey was appointed for 5 years as the honorary consultant to the Qingdao China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC) at the fourth session of the directors and members congress. Over 500 senior government officials attended the congress which are held every 5 years.

The CCOIC has a history of building good relations with foreign associations and has played a key role in international trade by boosting mutual investments, creating internationalization for companies and facilitating good economic cooperation. The Qingdao CCOIC has become an “overseas bridge” for many Qingdao companies’ international economic and trade cooperation success.

Qingdao is the weatlthiest city in the Shandong Province and is one of the top ranking cities in China for foreign investment due to its location, port and special economic status.

7 of 12 Representatives to CCOIC 2012

Mr Conan Fahey with 7 of the 12 international executives appointed as honorary consultants

Fahey has been appointed to improve economic trade and bilateral communications along with 12 international executives including The Italian Ambassador/Trade Commissioner to China and the Beijing representative of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce.

Fahey along with the Qingdao CCPIT and Qingdao CCOIC has fostered extensive communications between Australia and Qingdao/Shandong for many years. The new appointment illustrates Faheys depth of knowledge about China and the respect and ‘guanxi’ he has gained over time.

Wen, Fahey and Liu

Mr Conan Fahey with Senior Leaders of Qingdao CCPIT, Mr Wen and Mr Liu.

The appointment as honorary consultant will result in additional and far reaching benefits to Australia China Development Company clients.

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