TACDC is a proud  supporter of OzAsia.  “Rhinoceros in Love” is classic Chinese Theatre.  This is not to be missed.

One of this year’s highlights of the OzAsia Festival is National Theatre of China’s production of Rhinoceros in Love. As part of an International tour in 2011 to France, Spain and the USA, it will make its Australian premiere in Adelaide before heading to Brisbane and Melbourne Festivals.

The story is simple. Rhinoceros keeper Ma Lu falls in love with his neighbour Ming Ming and does everything to win her heart. However Ming loves another. On a rainy night Ma becomes so desperate he kidnaps Ming in the name of love.

Considered China’s most successful play of all time, Rhinoceros in Love has been performed more than 800 times and watched by over one million people. They are drawn not only by the very modern, funny and dark love story, but by the soundtrack filled with a mixture of Classical Chinese folk and modern electronic music. Further the language is breathtakingly beautiful with direct yet poetic lines, which stay with you beyond the performance.

Rhinoceros in Love is the result of Liao Yimei’s collaboration with her husband – celebrated renegade Chinese director Meng Jinghui. Liao and Meng’s work is ingenious not only for the incorporation of many elements of Chinese culture and various linguistic dialects but also for the theatricality of the play. The staging is spectacular, and the torrent of water that falls onto the actors in the final scenes will move you and be unlike anything you’ve experienced before.