Qingdao Magpies Football Club

Qingdao Magpies Football Club

Qingdao and Adelaide are Friendly Cooperative Cities and this year it is the 25th Anniversary of Sister State Relations between South Australia and Shandong Province. TACDC is working collaboratively to establish an AFL Football Club in Qingdao. The strategy is to develop trade relationships and business opportunities between Adelaide and Qingdao.

Part of the 25th celebration activities will be AFL exhibition games and in 2012 the Qingdao Magpies will be entering their inaugural team in the 2012 China and Asia Australian Football League. As the piping shrike is South Australia’s States emblem and Qingdao is known as the City of Magpies, we named the club The Qingdao Magpies. We will establish an AFL Football team as a profile sporting club symbolizing the relationship between the cities and as an vehicle to foster business between the cities.

The aim is to work collaboratively with other sports and industries to enhance outcomes for Adelaide/SA business, education and tourism industries and to promote long term cooperation in the areas of economy, trade, culture, education, sports and wine.

Qingdao v other Chinese football club events will be initiated in Qingdao during the Qingdao International Beer Festival as a fore runner to a series of events and to leverage other business relationships from this event.

There is an enormous opportunity to use the beach culture of SA and the success of AFL Football and the Sister State relationship to leverage business opportunities.