TACDC sponsors "Delivered" Exhibition at Zi Gallery

TACDC sponsors "Delivered" Exhibition at Zi Gallery

TACDC is proud to be sponsoring a new exhibition at the Zi Gallery opening on the 5th August 2011. It will be the first in a series of exciting art events planned at Zi Gallery with a diverse and eclectic selection of artists that will feature sculpture, landscapes, jewellery, glass work and installation art, including the previous 2010 SALA winner Jen Trantor.

Artists exhibiting are:

Victor Zhang: Art Editor, adventurer and lover of nature and beauty is an important international artist that emerged from the graduation “Class of 1954”, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

Keren Seelander: Abstract paintings

Jen Trantor: Installation sculptures

Michael Dantonio – Paintings

Debra Morley – Sculpture and etchings

Adric Kloeden – Pen and ink

Anna Medlin – Glass works

Mary Coventry – Installation art

Jess Mara – Paintings

Jaye Elice Allen – Jewellery